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Month: September 2015 (page 1 of 2)

5 tips on winning travel competitions

There are those people who seem to win lots of “stuff” and those – like you – who never do. I fell into the latter category until I won 8 travel competition prizes over a relatively short period of time ranging from:

The crew of my private jet

The best competition win to date! My own private jet

So the 5 tips? Continue reading

Can you do a gap year in your mid 30s?

Yes, yes you can! Maybe you you went straight from A-levels to University and from University straight into a full time job, while your friends unable to get a graduate job went off to have the time of their lives backpacking around SE Asia, working at the Sydney 2000 Olympics or canoeing in Nepal … like my friends did. And then one year working turns into two, two years into five, and before you know it, into ten! … but then you get made redundant! Yay! This happened to me back in 2009. I was delighted! Although I have to caveat this my saying I had no wife, kids, pets or mortgage so it made things a lot easier. But when you do have a mortgage should you go travelling or attempt to pay it off?

Backpacking when you were 23 “may” have been better than when you were 33, but then that’s better than doing it when you’re 43 … although I’d go at that age too. And actually at 33 you’ll appreciate it more as you’ve been working hard for the last 10 years and won’t just see it as a continuation of school/university fun times.

Meeting people never a problem

Meeting people is never a problem

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What’s coasteering all about?

Coasteering? Well it’s a little bit like gorge scrambling and in turn a little bit like canyoning (known as canyoneering in the U.S.). With these activities you swim across pools, clamber up and around waterfalls and then periodically jump back in. Coasteering is pretty similar – it just happens along the coast, with a bit of swimming in the sea, traversing along rock faces, climbing up cliff edges and then jumping back in too! The latter being the adrenaline inducing bit.

A group shot on our way back from the big jumps

A group shot on our way back from one of the big jumps

Out coasteering session was with ‘Adelong Outdoors‘, an outdoor experience company based near Torquay. Our setting the idyllic Anstey’s Cove and the base of the infamous Sanctuary Wall climbing site. This geopark providing the ideal combination of rocks, gullies and caves for our coasteering exploits. Continue reading

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