Month: October 2015

26.2 New York marathon tips for free

There are the “big six” marathons and the New York City marathon is one of them! 🙂 London, Berlin, Chicago, Boston and Tokyo being the others. It’s a prestigious event and if it’s on your “bucket list” it’s a monumental one to tick off. Of course if you haven’t already been to NYC already it…

By Biggsy 25th October 2015 0

How to make sloe gin? Here’s how it’s done

I’d never heard of sloes until a friend mentioned them while we were out running through the Hertfordshire countryside. Up until that point I’d been more preoccupied with the blackberries you can eat straight from the hedgerows instead. So what are sloes? Well they’re the berries of the hawthorn shrub, traditionally used in Britain to…

By Biggsy 22nd October 2015 1