So You Want To Visit A Traditional Market Town…. Hitchin

Just outside of London there are some lovely little market towns and Hitchin, where I live, is one of them 🙂

Hornblower Travels

If you are visiting England or live here and fancy a weekend away then look no further than Hitchin, a small market town 30 miles north of London on the East Coast Mainline.  It’s been voted the 9th best town in the UK to live, James Bay the musician comes from here and Bob Hope claims he got his humour from his paternal grandfather who lived in Hitchin.  It has recently been the setting for the hit BBC drama Dr Foster and is often featured on Location, Location, Location.   If coming from London you can begin your trip with a Harry Potter experience at King Cross and board a train for a 30 minute journey north to the Home Counties.  If you travel on the right day and time there are often steam trains running up and down the line doing tourist trips to the north of England occasionally…

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