Inspiring Individuals: Roger Biggs, the man who has run 800 marathons

My dad Roger Biggs has now run 819 marathons. I’m “only” 815 marathons behind! 😉

The Well-Travelled Postcard


          A while ago I discovered the phenomenon of “marathon tourism” through my childhood friend Katherine and I wrote about it in this blog post. It prompted another friend of mine, Steve Biggs (the blogger behind Biggsy Travels) to casually mention that his father had run hundreds upon hundreds of marathons all over the world, making him therefore the definitive marathon tourist. In actual fact, Roger Biggs has just run his 800th marathon. Yes you read that correctly: 800 marathons, totalling 20,960 miles. And that’s not to mention other races and half marathons. In 1996 he ran his 100th 10-mile race on Good Friday, then 2 days later he ran ran his 100th half marathon in Guernsey, then 1 week later he ran his 100th marathon in the 100th Boston marathon!

Roger Biggs 800th marathon in Pisa December 2014

         The fact that anyone in the world is humanly capable…

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