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Month: December 2015

Don’t go travel blogging around the world

Well that’s a controversial post to end 2015 with, especially as you might currently be planning a ‘Round the World’ adventure or be a keen travel blogger yourself. And before I continue this is not one of those posts that’s the opposite of its title stressing why you “should” actually go off travel blogging!

Keep calm and don't go travelling

Keep calm and don’t go travelling. Photo: edited from Megan Woodhouse

So why shouldn’t you go travel blogging around the world then?

  1. Travelling is bad for the environment. Exactly how much CO2 do you actually produce on a flight though?
  2. Financial security is more important. Maybe you could be be overpaying your mortgage instead?

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Visiting the world’s 3rd best beach bar in November!

Why visit one of the world’s best beach bars during the summer when you can visit it on a cold November morning instead? We first heard about The Ty Coch Inn from Wlyd Family Travels, who in turn had read about it in a Cheapflights article, which in turn had listed it as the 3rd best beach bar in the world … and it’s in Wales!

Plenty of places to chill out ... in the sunshine

Plenty of places to chill out … in the sunshine

The Ty Coch Inn lies a just a few miles from Morfa Nefyn, the place we were staying at for a friend’s wedding, and as luck would have it was where the bride and groom wanted us to walk as part of the Sunday morning ‘wedding party’ recovery. It was always the plan for us to walk there anyway but the fact it had appeared in a “top 10” list … on the Internet made it all the more important to go there to see it for ourselves! 😉

Browsing the website I found this beautiful shot showing the sandy bay which houses the Inn, together with the lifeboat house in the top righthand corner. That’s how it can look on a sunny day but as the locals told us it can be a mixed blessing when you get listed in a “top 10” as now the place can get a bit busier during the summer months … all the more reason to visit out of season I say! Continue reading

Now that’s Magic! Up onstage with Paul Daniels

I had the Paul Daniels magic set back in the 1980s but I never once thought that one day I’d be plucked from the audience to appear with him up on stage! But that happened just recently at a Mostly Comedy night in Hitchin’s small 100 seat capacity Market Theatre!

Paul getting the coin and £20 notes to magically disappear

Paul getting a coin and my £20 notes to magically disappear

My girlfriend and I took our seats early at 20:45 as we were keen to get a “front row” seat … but not too near the front “just in case”, electing for two seats on the aisle in row 3. So still fairly close as we watched first act Bec Hill perform her routine. Continue reading

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