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Month: January 2016

Appear on TV’s Good Morning America!

How would you like to be seen by 5 million people, live on American TV? Well simply head down to New York’s Times Square, stand in the background while they film ABC’s daily TV show ‘Good Morning America’ … and wave!

Standing behind all 5 GMA presenters for an outside sketch

Being mentioned by one of the presenters

I found this out while working in New York for 2 months back in 2014 where I’d regularly walk past the studios on the corner of 44th Street and Broadway towards the end of their 7am to 9am show (7am – 8am on weekends). It’s a daily event and surprisingly far less busy than you might expect. There’s a big window for watching the presenters as they interview that day’s “A-listers”, with speakers so you can hear what’s going on inside. However the best bit are definetly the live sketches they do outside on the sidewalk. Continue reading

Overpay your mortgage or travel?

Like with most things in life the key word seems to be “balance”, but overpaying your mortgage feels like it should come first, with house maintenance/improvements not far behind. But does that mean travel has to come third?

Those “Go city hopping every weekend!” posts can bemuse people who have financial obligations (let alone families) and know that it’s not quite as simple as that both in time and money terms. Oh and this post is for those people who don’t particularly want to quit their job, travel around the world for a year while renting out their house. Unless you’re lucky enough to take a gap year after being made redundant that is.

Achieve balance

Achieve balance. Source

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How much CO2 does a flight actually produce?

So flying is bad for the environment. But just how much CO2 is produced per person on a return flight from say London to New York?:

  • 1.69 metric tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent when CO2, methane methane (CH4) & Nitrous Oxide (N2O) are converted to carbon dioxide equivalents).
  • That’s the weight of 2 old style VW Beetles (800kg each). Therefore about 250g of CO2 per mile.
    Two VW beetles weigh as much as the CO2 produced per person flying from London to NYC and back!



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