The New Bucket List

Why write your own bucket list when you can borrow someone else’s? 🙂 My friend @hornbyrob has selected Myanmar, the Northern Lights, Canada … and a polar marathon! They all sound good to me.

Hornblower Travels

I’ve finally visited many of the childhood places I always wanted to see and have never really thought about where next.  So this is it, this is me pen to paper with a series of places to see before i die.

The historic location. Bagan, Myanmar.


My friends recently went here as part of their world tour and has become somewhere of interest over the years mainly due to it not being on the backpacker trail although that is rapidly changing.  Bagan is a series of temples spread over a 42km squared site.  In country largely unexplored since colonial times this represents some incredible untapped and undocumented history.

It is much like Machu Picchu in my head which i wanted to see since i was young and has become a life event place over the years for the backpacker masses.  Angkor Wat is another example.  I think this is the…

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