Today if you want to find out about “Travelling in Peru” you simply Google it on your iPhone and within seconds you find 15 results on the first page alone (of a total 10.6 million) consisting of:

5x sponsored links offering trips
1x government advice website
2x global guide book company articles
1x TripAdvisor page
1x Wikipedia entry
1x newspaper article
2x Peru tourist board type pages
1x obligatory “10 things to know before visiting Peru” article.


So it’s safe to say there is ZERO chance of you not being able to find out information about Peru, and that’s only blossomed in the last few years thanks to social media and “travel blogging”. Nowadays even if you’re not actively seeking Peru you’ll still eventually stumble across it in your Twitter feed as somebody posts a blog on “Top 10 things to do in Peru”. Continue reading