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Month: April 2016

Too busy travel blogging to enjoy the moment?

As travel bloggers are we sometimes so preoccupied with “travel blogging” we’re unable to fully enjoy where we are at the time?

I was considering this at the ‘Traverse16’ blogging conference in Cardiff just last weekend. As well as inspiring me with new writing ideas, best practices and the many ways to improve my blog’s reach, the conference also made me realise I need to make sure to switch off and continue to enjoy the places I’m visiting rather than always having to Tweet/Instagram/blog about them too!

Being inspired by Everest summiter Tori Jones

Being inspired by Everest summiter Tori Jones

During conversations with attendees the ubiquitous “n” word reared its head many a time, that being “niche”. Personally I’m still working on that one as I tend to take a shotgun approach to blogging, but if I can write about specific topics rather than absolutely everything and anything, it will allow me to enjoy the destinations I go to by NOT necessarily having to Tweet/Instagram/blog about them. Continue reading

Flying in Concorde – what was it like?

Sadly Concorde stopped flying in 2003. This was due to the Paris airport crash of 2000, the general downturn in the commercial aviation industry as well as increasing maintenance costs. The world suddenly became a bigger place again on 25th October, the day after it stopped flying.

Concorde G-BOAA after we'd safely landed 1h40m later

Concorde G-BOAA after we’d safely landed 1h40m later

Much has been written about Concorde’s history, celebrity passengers, sad demise and of late its potential new lease of life in 2019 if enthusiasts are able to get a single Concorde back in the air again. But what was it like to fly in?

The most popularised route was London to New York but few people realise there were shorter, chartered trips available too. One such regular trip was London Heathrow to the Bay of Biscay, just north of Spain, and back again (a big 1h 40m loop route) and in 1989 I was lucky enough to be on such a trip with ‘Flights of Fantasy’. In doing so I became one of “just” 2.5m passengers to experience Concorde at twice the speed of sound. Continue reading

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