Too busy travel blogging to enjoy the moment?

Too busy travel blogging to enjoy the moment?

14th April 2016 1 By Biggsy

As travel bloggers are we sometimes so preoccupied with “travel blogging” we’re unable to fully enjoy where we are at the time?

I was considering this at the ‘Traverse16’ blogging conference in Cardiff just last weekend. As well as inspiring me with new writing ideas, best practices and the many ways to improve my blog’s reach, the conference also made me realise I need to make sure to switch off and continue to enjoy the places I’m visiting rather than always having to Tweet/Instagram/blog about them too!

Being inspired by Everest summiter Tori Jones

Being inspired by Everest summiter Tori Jones

During conversations with attendees the ubiquitous “n” word reared its head many a time, that being “niche”. Personally I’m still working on that one as I tend to take a shotgun approach to blogging, but if I can write about specific topics rather than absolutely everything and anything, it will allow me to enjoy the destinations I go to by NOT necessarily having to Tweet/Instagram/blog about them.

So when was the last time you visited somewhere wonderful and were too preoccupied with:

  1. which photos to take?
  2. whether you should actually be taking a photo or a video?
  3. which array of photos/videos to then select for your posts?
  4. whether to “Instagram” them first to make them look nicer before tweeting?
  5.  … or just use the edit feature in Twitter to adjust the effect?
  6. whether in Twitter to use ‘wide’ or ‘square’ or the ‘original’ image size?
  7. whether you should add it to your Facebook page first and then share it onto your personal one?
  8. … or just add it to one or the other?
  9. whether to do anything on Pinterest and/or YouTube too (and that’s even before considering SnapChat)?
  10. whether you tweet while an event is still happening to get retweets/mentions or actually enjoy the event while you’re there and make more considered posts a bit later on?
  11. whether to “@” the event directly or just mention them within the Tweet
  12. whether to stuff Instagram with hashtags or add them in a second comment below?
  13. whether to write a short post or a long post?
  14. whether this is actually something I need to blog about in the first place!?

… which is why the on one of my last trips to the Isle of Wight I just decided to put my phone away, talk to who I was with and actually enjoy where I was! Crazy I know. It was just like it was 2005 all over again 😉 Read my other post about looking with your eyes and not your tech!

So can you switch off from “travel blogger” mode and simply enjoy a new event/location?

Or are you always thinking “this is an opportunity I. Cannot. Miss. And. Must. Blog. About. It?

PS. I do enjoy blogging. Maybe some people simply enjoy it a bit more than I do! 🙂

Zabriskie Point in Death Valley National Park

Enjoying Zabriskie Point in Death Valley National Park by not blogging about it