It was while in Shanghai, just a few days into my 6 months “rite of passage” from China via SE Asia to New Zealand, I decided to make a “rod for my own back” and take of photo of me and the name of every place I was in at the time. Fairly simple to do you would think, but road signs weren’t always easy to find, names of the city/town/village were sometimes perched too high up, or in a few smaller places seemingly didn’t exist. This all lead to occasional and unnecessary exploring, much to the frustration of my patient travelling companions.

During my half a year adventure I had photos taken with anything from restaurant signs to tarpaulin banners, fountain artworks to t-shirts, maps, baggage carousels, bus stops, tuk-tuks, trams and railway station platform signs.

I went to at least 49 places as I traversed the 7 countries inbetween China and New Zealand which conveniently fitted neatly into a 7×7 square grid. So this is what I ultimately came up with after all these images lay dormant on my laptop for the last 6 years.

My montage of place name photos

My montage of place name photos – BIG VERSION

…and my top three photos?

Queenstown Mall. A rare occasion. A big sign at knee level

Queenstown Mall. A rare occasion. A big sign at knee level

Manly Wharf in Australia

Manly Wharf in Australia wearing the ubiqutious ‘Laos tubing’ t-shirt

Tanned with traveller hair in Thailand's Aonang

Tanned, skinnier with an attempt at traveller hair in Thailand’s Aonang

Was it all worth it? Probably not. But I could always make a canvas print in the future for my dining room wall or simply use it to create a new Twitter header instead. 🙂

My place names cover shot

My place names Twitter header shot