Document your travels through place name photos

Document your travels through place name photos

6th September 2016 0 By Biggsy
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Last Updated on 24th July 2020

It was at the start of my 6 months “rite of passage” from China via SE Asia to New Zealand that I had an idea. I decided to make a “rod for my own back” and take place name photos in every city/town/village I stumbled across. Fairly simple to do you would think, but road signs weren’t always easy to find.Names of the location were sometimes perched too high up, or in a few smaller places seemingly didn’t exist. This all lead to occasional and unnecessary exploring, much to the frustration of my patient travelling companions.

During my half a year adventure I had place name photos taken with anything from restaurant signs to tarpaulin banners. From fountain artworks to t-shirts, maps, baggage carousels, bus stops, tuk-tuks, trams and railway station platform signs.

I went to at least 49 places as I traversed the 7 countries inbetween China and New Zealand which conveniently fitted neatly into a 7×7 square grid. So this is what I ultimately came up with after all these images lay dormant on my laptop for the last 6 years.

Check out the BIG VERSION of my place name photos. Maybe you could take photos with every place name you visit if you’re doing the #Take12trips challenge? (an idea given to me by ‘The Travel Hack’)

…and the top three photos of the whole trip?

Queenstown Mall. A rare occasion. Place name photos at knee level
Queenstown Mall. A rare occasion. Place name photos at knee level
Manly Wharf in Australia
Manly Wharf in Australia
Tanned with traveller hair in Thailand's Aonang
Tanned, skinnier with an attempt at traveller hair in Thailand’s Aonang

Was it all worth it? Probably not. But I could always make a canvas print in the future for my dining room wall. Or simply use it to create a new Twitter header instead. 🙂

My place names cover shot
My place names Twitter header shot

Has anybody else had the similar idea of documenting their travels this way? Or do you prefer just to buy a fridge magnet instead? BTW – I make sure I buy a fridge magnet too! 🙂Save

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