Google auto-complete is undeniably helpful when you’re searching for something and can’t remember the exact search term phrase, or simply just want to speed things up. It also provide some amusement when typing in such phrases as “Why are Americans” or “Why is Britain” just to see what stereotyped questions others have been asking.

I was recently inspired by an article in the Independent where Czech¬†Jakub Marian asked “why is [COUNTRY]” for each of the countries in Europe to see what auto-completes popped up. Denmark came out fairly well “Why is Denmark … the happiest country in the world“, whereas Spain faired less well “Why is Spain … so poor“.

On the same theme I decided to try some travel related questions using

1. So first off “why is travelling” Ok – fair enough. Travelling can be “tiring“. Sitting down for hours on end shouldn’t wear you out but it just does. Maybe watch a film? Move about? Have a coffee. Be less tired.
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