15 questions travellers are asking Google autocomplete

15 questions travellers are asking Google autocomplete

19th October 2016 0 By Biggsy
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Last Updated on 24th July 2020

Google autocomplete is undeniably helpful when you’re searching for something and can’t remember the exact search term phrase, or simply just want to speed things up. It also provide some amusement when typing in such phrases as “Why are Americans” or “Why is Britain” just to see what stereotyped questions others have been asking.

I was recently inspired by an article in the Independent where Czech Jakub Marian asked Google.com “why is [COUNTRY]” for each of the countries in Europe to see what Google autocompletes popped up. Denmark came out fairly well “Why is Denmark … the happiest country in the world“, whereas Spain faired less well “Why is Spain … so poor“.

On the same theme I decided to try some travel related questions using Google.co.uk.

1. Google autocomplete question no1. “Why is travelling …”

Ok – fair enough. Travelling can be “tiring“. Sitting down for hours on end shouldn’t wear you out but it just does. Maybe watch a film? Move about? Have a coffee. Be less tired.
Why is travelling - Google autocomplete

2. … but at least backpacking is “fun” 🙂

Why is backpacking - Google autocomplete

3. Why are backpacks … ?

Talking of which you’ll need an actual backpack. Some people are finding them to be a bit “expensive” though, buy they generally last for ages so you’ll get a good “cost per use” out of it at the very least.
Why are backpacks? - Google autocomplete

4. But why are rucksacks … ?

Mmm – good question. To compare the capacity of a backpack you measure their volume (technically only the parts that are self-contained by zips), and the litre is the unit for volume … so we use litres. By the way “Rucksack” comes from the German words “rucken” and “sack” meaning “back sack”.
Why are rucksacks - Google autocomplete

5. And if you’re “old skool” what about suitcases!?

Also “so expensive” Yup – I don’t understand why people pay £8 to have them shrink wrapped at the airport either?! I’m guessing it makes them more secure, can seal a damaged one, while giving people a bit of extra “peace of mind” at the same time?
Why are suitcases - Google autocomplete

6. Why are gap years …?

Maybe you’re taking a bit more of an extended gap year rather than just a week in the sunshine in Benidorm. Great news here! It seems gap years are “good“!
Why are gap years - Google autocomplete

7. Why are airports …?

So for most people, travelling starts at the the airport. But “so expensive?” They can be. Money exchange rates are worse at the airport for those “captive audience last minute” type buyers and most of the food is at a premium too. There’s always time for the ritual of having a pricey pint before take off though.
Why are airports - Google autocomplete

8. Why are passports …?

Once at the airport you’re off through passport control … with your “expensive” passport! I can see a pattern developing here. My 10 year passport cost me £72.50. The price of just 2 lattés a year. I’ll take that! Bargain!
Why are passports - Google autocomplete

9. Why is travel insurance …?

Now I do hope you have your travel insurance because it’s “very important” … and obviously “so expensive“. Although I despair at those horror stories when we hear of a young party-goer falling from a Spanish balcony and it’s subsequently  reported they have no travel insurance and need repatraiting at great family expense. So get some!
Why is travel insurance - Google autocomplete

10. Why are planes …?

And as you queue to board the plane you’re bound to ask yourself why planes are “white?” Well apparently they’re mostly white because white doesn’t fade and its easier to sell a white plane on afterwards. I’ve never had to sell on a 747 myself though so this hasn’t been an issue for me.
Why are planes - Google autocomplete

11. Why are airport taxis …?

Now you’ve finally arrived at your destination, undoubtedly tired, and you head to your hotel. But why are airport taxis “so expensive?
Why are airports taxis - Google autocomplete

12. Why are hotels… ?

And as you gaze out of the window travelling to your hotel you’re likely to ponder why hotels are “so expensive?” too.
Why are hotels

13. Why are hostels …?

Maybe you should have booked a hostel instead but why are they “so cheap?
Why are hostels - Google autocomplete

14. Why are blogs …?

On your holiday have a wonderful time, take many photos, “social media” your trip while away and commit to writing some blog posts on your return as blogs are “important“.
Why are blogs - Google autocomplete

15. Why are bloggers …?

…but most importantly bloggers are fortunately ever so slightly more “influential” than they are “annoying“!! 😉 This Google autocomplete game is fun!
Why are bloggers - Google autocomplete

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Do you have any other amusing travel related Google autocomplete suggestions?

Reading Time: 5 minutes

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