Was the ‘Dream Midtown’ NYC a dreamy experience?

Was the ‘Dream Midtown’ NYC a dreamy experience?

16th December 2016 0 By Biggsy
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Even though this was my 5th visit to New York City, a stay in town is always a complete pleasure. I realise for many people it is still simply a “dream” to be able to visit. Feeling like I had the whole of NYC to choose from I chose the Dream Midtown Hotel New York just off Broadway on W 55th Street. This was due to its proximity to Central Park (just 4 streets away), Times Square (8 streets away) and its Midtown location. I I know Midtown better than any other part of Manhattan. So was it a dream experience?

The hotel doesn’t have a sweeping, set-back entrance so its frontage is up against the sidewalk. Although once through the front doors you are welcomed into a dark, marble-floored reception area along with a stylish floor to ceiling aquarium.


The Dream Hotel frontage
The Dream Midtown frontage
The aquarium in the Dream Hotel foyer
The aquarium in the Dream Midtown foyer

And there’s a coverted bar on the rooftop

The hotel also doubles as a hotspot for the ‘PHD Terrace bar’. This is located on the top floor and in the evening one of the three lifts serves as an express lift straight up to it. As a guest it was my “local” bar and the party had come to me without me having to go to the party. Arriving late on the Saturday night there was a small queue of beautiful looking people queuing up in the right-hand side reception of the foyer. They patiently waited their turn to visit the roof.

In the summer months it’s fully exposed but as it was March temporary plastic covers draped down from the roof to keep away any chills. Only the next day for a quick post work drink did I have a proper look around. I had a bottle of Samuel Adams Boston lager and it certainly ticked the cool NYC rooftop bar tickbox.

Enjoying a Samuel Adams beer in the PHD roof terrace bar
Enjoying a Samuel Adams beer in the PHD roof terrace bar

And there’s a bar and restaurant downstairs too

Attached to the side of the hotel is the ‘Serafina’ restaurant and on the opposite side ‘The Rickey Bar’. This was dimly lit in the late afternoon slot when I visited so is presumably even darker at night time.

I appreciate carpeted bedrooms and hallways as they tend to feel more homely and the Dream Midtown New York didn’t let me down. The room was small but perfectly formed with an opulent bathroom off towards the foot of the bed. The view out of my window was of another hotel’s window. However the cosy, dark feel of the bedroom’s décor didn’t warrant the need to open the curtains anyway.

My cosy Dream Hotel New York bedroom
My cosy Dream Midtown New York bedroom

You’re not staying in NYC to sit in a hotel room all day long so check out the the three top trips below 🙂

My tastefully decorated Dream Hotel bathroom
My tastefully decorated Dream Hotel bathroom

The Dream Midtown New York in summary?

So dreamy? Location wise you’re located right in the centre of the action. No distance at all to the Broadway theatres, and an equal stone’s throw to both Times Square and Central Park. It’s great for people who love love Midtown or are visiting NYC for the first time. A luxurious bolthole to explore the sights by day and a cosy, romantic setting on your return. That’s what the Dream Midtown New York is perfect for. For those who love to lounge in a cavernous, brightly-lit reception then this place probably isn’t your cup of cawfee. Have a nice day! 🙂


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