Surviving the Inferno in Mürren: the World’s Longest Downhill Ski Race

The Well-Travelled Postcard

Inferno ski race Murren

Last Saturday I achieved a goal I’ve been looking forward to for years: I managed to ski the world’s longest downhill race, the Inferno, in Mürren! Before flying out to Switzerland I wrote about the preparation that had gone into the race, involving no small amount of paperwork, admin and fitness. Having first heard about it from my aunt Caroline when I was just a child, I’d been building up to it for several years and my chance to compete in the 74th annual race finally arrived on Saturday 21st January, and I survived the course!

        The race itself was both exhilarating and completely exhausting, and the whole week surrounding the race and all the wonderful people I met, skied and partied with in Mürren were just fantastic! I’ll write about the resort of Mürren in a separate post, and for now just concentrate on…

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