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Month: February 2017

Dreiländereck – walk across 3 countries in 10 minutes

A friend of mine turned 40 recently and for his birthday he wanted to fly into Basel, head to the Black Forest to watch some snowboarding cross, and then watch FC Freiburg in a Bundesliga game. The perfect opportunity to walk from one country, into another, into another then!

The Dreiländereck monument on Swiss soil. Not much to do there but it was a dreary day

The Dreiländereck monument on Swiss soil. Not much to do there but it was a dreary day

Dreiländereck (also spelt Dreilaendereck) is a tripoint just outside of Basel where France, Germany and Switzerland’s borders all meet. This tripoint is one of the only ones within a major city (Basel) and an iron pylon monument shaped like a rocket celebrates the fact … even though the actual tripoint is 150m NW of it in the middle of the River Rhine (the Dreiländereck scuplture is therefore 150m to the SE on Swiss soil). Ever the stickler for detail I wanted to walk across the two actual borders. I had my passport with me as I’d just arrived from the airport but never needed to show it once as everything’s open for you to walk “to and fro” as you please.

In total from my starting point in France, across the bridge into Germany and then down into Switzerland it’s a 9 minute, 700m walk. From the French starting point to the actual Dreiländereck monument it’s a 32 minutes and 2.6km walk. Continue reading

14 questions to ask a 871 marathon runner

I know somebody who’s run 871 marathons (as of 16th February 2017) and that person’s my dad Roger. He’s been doing this week in, week out since the mid 80s, so I’ve grown up thinking that running a marathon most weekends is a perfectly normal thing for a dad to do; no different to other fathers playing a round of golf every Sunday morning. However I’m assuming a lot of people might suggest running 1 marathon, let alone 871 is actually a completely ABNORMAL thing to be doing! 🙂

Marathon runner Roger Biggs

Marathon runner Roger Biggs celebrating his 800th marathin in Pisa

My friend Virginia wrote a post about inspiring individuals back in 2015, asking him some questions on his achievements so I wanted to ask him 14 different questions this time round: Continue reading

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