14 questions to ask a 871 marathon runner

14 questions to ask a 871 marathon runner

20th February 2017 2 By Biggsy
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I know a marathon runner who’s now run over 900 of them (as of September 2018) and that person’s my dad Roger. He’s been doing this week in, week out since the mid 80s, so I’ve grown up thinking that running a marathon most weekends is a perfectly normal thing for a dad to do. No different to other fathers playing a round of golf every Sunday morning. However I’m assuming a lot of people might suggest running 1 marathon, let alone 900 is actually a completely ABNORMAL thing to be doing! 🙂

Marathon runner Roger Biggs

Marathon runner Roger Biggs celebrating his 800th marathin in Pisa

My friend Virginia wrote a post about inspiring individuals back in 2015, asking him some questions on his achievements so I wanted to ask him 14 different questions this time round:

1. Favourite marathon out of all the ones you’ve done and why?

That’s a hard one, but how about my best marathon trip, which was Tokyo and Sasayama marathons, plus the bullet train & Hiroshima.

Sasayama Marathon 2010

Sasayama Marathon 2010. Source.

2. Favourite marathon course and why?

London takes some beating! (although he did inspire some of the pointers in my 26.2 tips for running the New York Marathon post)

3. Which marathon has so far eluded you? And why?

Nunavut. It’s the newest of the Canadian Territories. It’s rather expensive, but I hope to complete the 13 Canadian Provinces in 2018. Better start saving!

Runners finishing the Nunavut Marathon. Source: http://northwestpassage2011.blogspot.co.uk

Runners finishing the Nunavut Marathon. Source.

4. Quirkiest medal? Which marathon?

The Donegal Quadrathon. 4 medals that fix together.

The four medals of the Quadrathon marathons. Image from http://www.extremenorthevents.com/quadrathon-4-half-full-marathons/

The four medals of the Quadrathon marathons. Source.

5. What do you do with all your marathon medals?

Put them in boxes. Would be nice to find time to display some of them.

6. Top “newbie” marathon runner tip?


7. Top “long-timer” marathon runner tip?

Don’t ignore the injuries.

8. What do you still forget to do, or do wrong?


9. How old was the youngest/oldest person to join the ‘100 Marathon Club’?

Around 23 & 65.

10. Who’s run the most marathons and how many?

A German has claimed over 2,000, I think he’s approaching 2,500. The highest verified from the UK is Brian Mills with 1,250 (as of February 2017).

UK's Brian Mills has run 1,250 marathons

UK’s Brian Mills has run 1,250 marathons. Source.

11. How many have you done now?

871 including “ultras”.

12. What’s actually your favourite race distance and why?

Based on my times, I would say Half Marathon. I ran 1:21, but never beat 3hrs for a marathon.

13. Why do you do all these marathons? The travelling aspect?

I like to go to as many places as possible. Running different Countries/States/Counties is what it’s all about. If you have been there you have an opinion of the place.

14. What do you get from running a city that you don’t get from normal sightseeing?


So these are some questions of the questions I’d been wanting to ask him for a while 🙂 He was also featured in the first chapter of a book called ‘Running Crazy‘ which you can buy from Amazon below.

What questions would you want to ask him? 🙂