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Month: April 2017

All those great trips you went on pre-social media

If you’re a travel blogger in your late 30s and beyond you possibly rue all those amazing trips you had in the 90s/early “noughties” that you couldn’t blog/Instagram/Tweet about as social media didn’t exist back then!

Me with some Hula girls in Hawaii

Me with some Hula girls in back in 2002

I hadn’t really considered this until I stumbled across a photo album back at my parent’s house and a trip I took to Hawaii via Los Angeles back in 2002. It’s a red coloured, sturdy bound album containing 100 6×4 glossy photos held neatly in little see-through pockets. It was rather nostalgic having something tangible to hand that I could actually see and hold, rather than finding a random memory stick at the back of a drawer that’s now obsolete anyway as you’ve updated your laptop a few times since you last inserted it. Either way this was a trip I’d love to go on now as it would allow me to blog/Instagram/Tweet about it to my heart’s content. Continue reading

A travel guide to Svalbard

[A guest post by Ketan from @OnTheRoadToYou.]
I hear you ask what’s good about Svalbard and where the hell is it?

Well it’s an amazing place to explore, see old settlements, spot the old polar bear or two, along with seeing people casually carrying rifles! Not to mention, Svalbard is soo remote from any country or a capital city. It also carries the tag 78° 13′ North, 15° 38′ East. It’s approximately 1315km/817miles from the North Pole.

Svalbard hiking piccie 4

The wonderful landscape of Svalbard

Svalbard is also a place where you’ll find many European nationalities working together whether it is for science/exploration or tourism. It certainly brings that wow factor when you know, you’re not that far from the North Pole. Continue reading

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