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Mail Rail at The Postal Museum gets my stamp of approval

On Friday 28th July The Postal Museum opened to visitors for the first time and from 4th September onwards you’ll be able to take a ride on London’s latest heritage attraction, the “Mail Rail”. Tickets for both are now on sale at

Ready to board the 'Mail Rail'?

Ready to board the ‘Mail Rail’?

So what is ‘Mail Rail?

Mail Rail is the secret Post Office underground railway which lies 70ft below the streets of London, which at its peak, carried 4 million letters across London every day! Its full route used to run between Paddington in the west via the Mount Pleasant hub (where the museum is) to Whitechapel in the east with 7 stations in total. Continue reading

Driving a vintage Fiat 500 around Tuscany Italy

I’ve always wanted to drive an original Fiat 500 ever since my pal Hornblowertravels mentioned them many years ago with his ultimate goal of driving one back to the UK across the Alps. That never happened but while planning a week’s break to Florence (inspired by the Dan Brown book Inferno) everything suddenly fell into place and we booked an all-day Fiat 500 group tour to see what they were like!

Posing for some pictures at our first pitstop

Posing for some pictures at our first pitstop

We chose My Tours’ 8.5 hour trip as we wanted to experience driving one for the day and not just be behind the wheel for a token half hour or so. It also meant we could see the stunning Tuscany countryside from behind the wheel before being city-bound in Florence for the rest of our 4 night stay there. Continue reading

Look with your eyes and not your tech

Recently on Mashable I saw this apt photo from back in 2015 that showed an old lady leaning on the barriers, simply enjoying a red carpet premiere in Boston without straining to see the celebs via a little digital iPhone screen. The other people in the picture are smiling too so seem to be having fun but if a video/picture is so important at such an event then simply trawl through Twitter/Instagram afterwards and you’re bound to find a better photo/video than you could have taken yourself anyway!

Boston Globe old lady photo

Boston Globe photo. Image: John Blanding/Boston Globe/Getty Image

More recently at a U2 concert last week I realised that not enough of us simply “look” at what we’re looking at! Instead, we’re trying to view it through a 4″ iPhone/Samsung screen or a DLSR viewfinder, often recording videos we’re never going to watch again anyway. And yes I realise that I used my iPhone/DSLR to take the three photos below 😉

So at the U2 concert I mostly saw arms holding up smartphone screens when I’d rather have had a clear site of Bono and The Edge instead. Continue reading

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