Not every day is a parenting day… Ferrari Silverstone track experience day

Experiencing a track day at Silverstone and getting a unique 360 degree video of your drive too! An article by my pal Rob Hornby as he celebrated his 40th birthday!

You don’t get many days off parenting and getting out on your own. This was one and was a track day at Silverstone that my parents bought me for my 40th. I booked a date in July via the website and drove up from Hertfordshire. It was great fun. I am not a petrol head but like a bit of speed and getting to drive round some iconic corners of Formula one is a chance you can’t really pass up.

I booked a early starter session which was reduced as a result. As a dad 9.40 doesn’t seem that early especially when you only live an hour away. It’s pretty well signposted. You need to get there about 40 minutes before your race start time and you can check the drive is still on via weather line.This gives you time for traffic delay but also to check in and…

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