How I was pickpocketed in Bangkok by a trickster

How I was pickpocketed in Bangkok by a trickster

29th October 2017 2 By Biggsy
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If I had to choose out of the two I’d probably prefer to be pickpocketed rather than mugged. That didn’t lessen the initial shock when the former happened to me in Bangkok a few years back. It took just 30 seconds for me to notice what had happened as I did that reassuring pat of the trouser pocket “thing” that we do, but in doing so realised that the rectangular protrusion of my wallet wasn’t where it should be.

When you first realise you’ve been pickpocketed

Part of me felt violated. Part of me felt stupid. A small part of me felt upset. Some of me even felt guilty! After all it was 1am, I was in the less than salubrious district of Soi Cowboy in Bangkok, and I’d been watching live “ping pong ball” shows. How can a fairly savvy traveller like myself put myself in a position to be pickpocketed? Worse of all the pickpocket had been talking to me quite openly before it happened!

It all happened back in October 2009 when I left a bar at the end of the night and started to make my way home. A Hispanic guy in the street started chatting to me. He correctly guessed I was English and walked with me all of 10 yards down the road. My “spidey” senses were on full alert so I was fully aware of my surroundings and his reasonably close proximity to me. Although the street was fairly busy and it wasn’t just me and him standing there so I didn’t particularly feel in any danger.

Within seconds he was initiating a half-hearted football tackle on me with an imaginary football while smiling and cheering “Ronaldo, Rooney!” I went along with it, while still continuing in the same direction. In hindsight I can now see why he went in for a second fake tackle. He hadn’t been able to get at my wallet the first time round!

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney - not that I blame them!
Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney – not that I blame them of course Source

How had my pickpocketing happened?

Looking back, what had given me a slight false sense of security was that the trousers I was wearing were of the cotton “backpacker” variety and had zipped front pockets. If my wallet had been in my back jeans pocket I can understand how it could have easily been swiped. But this one was safely “locked” away. So the first pretend tackle was to undo the zip (something that no doubt happens to Western tourists for a completely different reason in this part of town). The second tackle was to remove my wallet. I’d been pickpocketed without even noticing

Zipped trouser pockets - not pickpocket proof though
Zipped trouser pockets – not pickpocket proof though. Source

I should have been a bit more street savvy!

It was at this point I was getting slightly uneasy and made it clear I wasn’t playing any more football. I headed off on my way, but not before my new friend had the audacity to shout back saying that he and his friends were meeting for a drink in the bar down the road in 20 minutes and that I should join them. “I don’t think so” I thought. Then just 20 strides away I pattered my left pocket out of habit and realised my wallet wasn’t there.

I turned round in panic (not quite in blind panic, but panic all the same) scouting out the groups of people in the near vicinity but nothing. I moved back to where the game of football had taken place but nobody I recognised was there either. At this point I just wanted to get the hell out of there. Having never been pickpocketed before I didn’t really know what to think. However it was least a 1h45 minute walk back my hostel in Khaosan Road and how was I going to manage that without any money? And that’s when beautifully I reached into the zipped rear pocket of my trousers and pulled out a small wad of 100 Baht notes (about £10 total), easily enough to get me back home in a Tuk-Tuk.

Heading back home in my Tuk Tuk
Heading back home in my Tuk Tuk. Source

I “kind of” had the last laugh!

It was a sad end to the night. I zipped along the streets back to the relative sanctuary of Khaosan Road. A wry smile across my face as I pictured the culprit opening up my cheap, blue “freebie” Fosters wallet in the shadows to disappointingly find out it contained NO cards. It contained NO notes. It contained just 2-3 coins and a PADI divers card I’d got in Australia a few years earlier.

So essentially he would have opened it up and seen a little message saying “**** YOU!” Now that was totally satisfying. It made up for any initial upset and most importantly made be much more aware of looking after my belongings in the future. Now this could have happened anywhere. It just happened to take place in Bangkok! I’d certainly go back to this beautiful city again. Amusingly I found another Fosters wallet in the back of a drawer yesterday. So to re-enact the moment …

My two finger salute to the pickpocket!
My two finger salute to the pickpocket!

Anybody else been pickpocketed on their travels? Or worse still mugged? If you’ve enjoyed reading this check out my other travelling dilemma when I arrived back at UK passport control … but without my passport!

Reading Time: 4 minutes

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