Walk from Sennen Cove to Land’s End

Walk from Sennen Cove to Land’s End

27th January 2019 0 By Biggsy
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Last Updated on 26th September 2022

Land’s End in Cornwall is the most most south westerly point of mainland Great Britain. It’s famously known as the start/end point for LEJOG or JOGLE adventures when, most commonly, cyclists bike the 800+miles between Land’s End and Scotland’s John O’Groats. Rather than drive straight to the Cornish landmark we parked up at Sennen Cove and walked the mile along the coastal path from Sennen Cove to Land’s End instead.
Want to see our CORNWALL itinerary then here you go?!

The Sennen Cove to Land's End coastal path map
The Sennen Cove to Land’s End coastal path

You get cheaper parking too

As well as this S. W. Coastal path being a joy to walk along it works out cheaper too! It’s just £2.50 for 4 hours and £4 all day at Sennen Cove. Whereas at Land’s End it’s £6 all day. Boom! £2 saved to go towards a Cornish cream tea! We parked up in the Harbour car park right at the start of the walk, although if that’s full there’s another car park slightly nearer the main road.

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Don’t forget to look for a hotel too

Check out the hotels in and around Sennen on the Hotels.com website. If you book through this link/image I’ll get a small commission which will help keep my website going 🙂

“Did you know that Sennen Cove is one of the best launch points to sail, row or kayak to The Scilly Isles?”

Phil from Puddleduck Valley in Devon

No – but I do now! 🙂

How far is this walk then?

The observant among you will have noticed that the Google Maps screenshot above states it’s 1 mile from Sennen Cove to Land’s End but the signpost below says 1 1/4 miles. It looks like the signpost is measuring it to the iconic Land’s End signpost whereas we were measuring it to Land’s End itself.

The start of the coastal path at Sennen Cove
The start of the coastal path at Sennen Cove
Looking back down to the Sennen Cove car park
Looking back down to the Sennen Cove car park

A useful Land’s End map and guidebook for starters

To help you plan and complete your journey I recommend a Land’s End map and/or an accompanying guidebook. Check them out on Amazon.co.uk.

Sennen Cove to Land’s End. Suitable for buggies?

It doesn’t take long to gain a bit of altitude and as we were in no great rush we were looking backwards to where we’d been as much as looking forwards to where we were going!

Apart from the initial ascent it’s a fairly gentle walk. It’s not really suitable for buggies as you can see from the big rock below, but if you really weanted to push one I’m sure you could just about get through. The walk is well signposted by the knee-level stone waymarks.

The coastal path walk from Sennen Cove to Land's End
The start of the coastal path walk
SW Coastal path stone waymarker
There are plenty of stone waymarkers so you won’t get lost

Get to see a shipwreck too!

You’ll see the stricket RMS Mulheim side-on before you arrive at the valley in the photo below. It’s quite a big ship and there’s an information board telling you a bit more about it, as well as warnings informing you NOT to consider walking down to it!

The RMS Mulheim was a German cargo ship, built in Romania and launched in May 1999. On 22nd March 2003, it was wrecked at Land’s End after the Chief Officer fell unconscious while on watch.

Land’s End National Trust information sign
The shipwrecked RMS Mulheim
The shipwrecked RMS Mulheim

Land’s End will soon be in sight

After you’ve past the RMS Mulheim shipwreck look out for the buildings of Land’s End up on the headland. It would be very difficult to get lost on this path as it is only a 1 mile stretch.

The SW Coastal walk view of Land's End
You can see where you’re heading for!
Land's End comes into view!
Land’s End comes into view!

Land’s End itself! Read all the info boards

Look out for the handful of information boards along the way and at the end by the Union Jack flag. They’ll tell you about the treacherous coast (that shipwreck) as well as the geology of the area too.

You’re standing on one of the few exposed parts of Cornwall’s hidden granite backbone. The distinctive “castle-like” appearance of these granite cliffs is caused by weathering along their strong vertical and horizontal joints

Land’s End coastal path information sign
Land's End
The true Land’s End spot away from the more touristy stuff

And the Land’s End tourist attraction?

Now the Land’s End tourist attraction gets a bit of a mixed review on TripAdvisor and it didn’t blow us away either.

The shops sell touristy tat (which I love may I add). It costs £10 to have your photo professionally taken with the iconic signpost (they add where you’re from plus the distance). There’s a Shaun the Sheep Experience plus a 4D cinema experience but they both seem like a bit of an after thought. What is interesting (and relevant) is a small exhibition displaying the various LEJOG / JOGLE attempts over the years, including Ian Botham’s 1980’s charity walk.

Amusingly and for some unexplained reason there’s the opportunity to spend £7.99 to have your photo taken with a green screen version of the iconic signpost … when the real thing is just 50m away! Most of it seemed rather unnecessary. Plus the aforementioned increased charge for parking there too!

The iconic Land’s End signpost

My advice would be to enjoy the walk, go to the real Land’s End (by the Union Jack Flag), and then take your own photos of the sign.

You’re allowed to take your own photos of it, albeit with someone else’s personal message. In this case ‘JAKE & BRIN from WOMBWELL’ 380 miles away. Get a friend to stand well back and use full zoom. This has the effect of foreshortening the distance and making the signpost actually appear bigger! Then do some sort of “pose”. I decided to look out to New York wearing the ‘Every Mother Counts‘ charity hoodie I run for.

The iconic Land's End signpost
You can’t not check out the iconic signpost
The Land's End iconic signpost
Use a long zoom of the iconic signpost

Before we left we walked past the “tourist attractions” down to a craft store to get a better view of the cliffs below. Then it was the walk back to Sennen Cove.

So that’s my little guide to walking from Sennen Cove to Land’s End. All-in-all it’s a delightful little bite-sized walk that doesn’t involve too much effort.

If you’ve made it this far you can also check out the Sennen Cove webcams to see what the area looks like before you go 🙂


The view along the 1 mile walk to Land's End
The view along the 1 mile walk to Land’s End
Reading Time: 6 minutes

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