THE Crocodile Dundee filming location. That’s not a knife!

THE Crocodile Dundee filming location. That’s not a knife!

26th September 2019 0 By Biggsy
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Remember that epic scene from the 1986 movie ‘Crocodile Dundee’ – “That’s not a knife! That’s a knife”? Want to visit the exact spot where it was filmed? Well if you happen to be in New York City anytime soon you can … and at the exact pillar where the action took place! It’s certainly my favourite Crocodile Dundee filming location. Even better it’s right next to the start of the walkway over the Brooklyn Bridge so you can do that afterwards!

If you’ve ever started walking over the Brooklyn Bridge then you might be kicking yourself that you were just 70 yards from the very spot that those immortal lines were uttered – now unbelievably over 33 years ago!

“That’s not a knife! That’s a knife!”

Mick Dundee – 1986
The Chambers Street Subway taken from near the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade
The yellow arrow marks the spot! 🙂 Taken from near the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade

How do I find the filming location?

  1. Head to south Manhattan in New York.
  2. Take the green 4, 5, or 6 … or brown J and Z subway trains to Chambers Street Station.
  3. Exit the station so you find yourself in a covered space under the ‘New York Municipal Supply Division‘ (below).
  4. Walk behind the ornate ‘Subway Station’ metal barriers at the top of the stairs (below) … and then check out the following pictures.
Chambers Street subway station entrance/exit
If arriving by the subway this is where you should reappear. Take the brown J or Z trains or a green 1, 2 and 3.

Alternatively if you arrive by foot from the west along chambers Street then you’ll see the imposing ‘New York Municipal Supply Division’ in front of you. Look to the right and enter through the second arch as shown by the yellow arrow.

View of the New York Municipal Supply Division building in south Manhattan
If arriving from the west along Chambers Street head for the yellow arrow

So where is the ‘That’s not a knife?’ spot on Google Maps?

Check out this Google Street View link or alternatively this Satellite Google Maps view. Both will help take you to the spot marked below, through the middle arch towards the south of the building.

Arial Google satellite view of Chambers Street subway station
This is where you need to get to!

Where did they step “exactly”?

It takes a few checks on YouTube so see the exact column they walk to and where the various actors stood! Well – if you’ve made the effort to visit you might as well do it properly. Although don’t rely on the mobile network to watch it at Chambers Street Station – mine was awful – but worse case scenario there’s a Starbucks at 38 Park Row #4 just 4 minutes away if you need a refresher on their free Wi-Fi. Alternatively download the clip onto your phone beforehand.

Chambers Street subway station. Scene of one of the most memorable  Crocodile Dundee filming locations
The stairs and pillar (nearest the camera) where all the action happens. This side of the pillar is where Sue Charlton leans & says “I’m always all right when I’m with you, Dundee.”
View from the back of the Chambers Street Subway station showing the Crocodile Dundee filming location direction
The path Mick Dundee and Sue Charlton take before the attempted mugging

Relive THAT moment! “That’s not a knife?”

You might feel a bit of a wally but stand by the second pillar to the right of the staircase, with the metal barriers in the background. Take a photo, and even say to the imaginary person in front of you “That’s not a knife? That’s a knife!” Chuckle to yourself and then head to the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade just 70 yards to visit yet another very worthy New York film location.

Or do like I did and dwell a little longer to soak up the atmosphere. Picture Mick Dundee nonchalantly flashing his blade and dismissing his would-be assailant. Feel like you’re actually in the movie set in the cool setting of this rather ornate setting.

I would have first seen the scene when I was 10 years old. A time when I thought New York City was simply one gigantic movie set. Never did I think I’d have the chance to visit this Crocodile Dundee filming location while on holiday.

Trying to recreate that classic "That's not a knife" scene at Chambers Street
“That not a knife! That’s a sunglasses holder”
Call that a knife?
Call that a knife?

I didn’t have the benefit of a very long arm or somebody with a zoom camera lens but you can quite clearly see the metal railings behind Mick. The pillar behind them with the red graffiti is the same pillar the girl with the white/black rucksack is just about to walk past.

Once you’ve finished being “Mick” you might want to check out some of the other top trips that NYC has to offer! 🙂


Remember the guy in the red leather jacket?

This is the backdrop you would have seen in the movie with the high arched white tiling way up above. To make your visit even more realistic visit after dark … if you dare? 🙂 This photo below was taken from where I was standing in the photo above, with the pillar against my left shoulder.

Looking out towards the Tweed Courthouse in New York
The background where the dude stood in the red leather jacket!

One of the writers didn’t actually find the “knife” line very funny at the time.

There were three writers behind Crocodile Dundee; Paul Hogan, John Cornell and Jim Shadie. The latter not finding it “funny on paper”. I’m glad he was happy them leaving it in the script though. It most definitely became one of the movie’s most memorable scenes and one of my favourites of all time! Who doesn’t like a bit of instant Karma?!

Let’s re-live the moment on YouTube!

The script from this particular Crocodile Dundee filming location

You got a light, buddy?
Yeah. Sure, kid. There you go.
And your wallet.
Mick, give him your wallet.
– What for?
– He’s got a knife.
That’s not a knife. That’s a knife.
Just kids having fun. Are you all right?
I’m always all right when I’m with you, Dundee. God, that sounds corny. Why do you always make me feel like Jane in a Tarzan comic?

While you’re in town you might want to tick off some of the other ‘Crocodile Dundee’ filming locations. A great website for this is the pretty definitive guide found at

Or why not try to be on TV by visiting the daily, weekday filming of Good Morning America in Times Square.

Who now wants to go visit? Or have you actually done the pose in NYC already?

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