Picfair gallery photos – to buy and to license

Picfair gallery photos – to buy and to license

7th March 2021 0 By Biggsy
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I’ve decided to set up a Picfair gallery to see if anybody wants to print, buy or license any of my prints. Picfair have been appearing all over my Twitter feed recently. Friends such as Little Miss Gem Travels have given it a go so I thought why not too. At the very least it gave me the chance to go through 1000s of photos to identify my favourites . If they also become monetised than all the better? Let’s not jump the gun on that one though!

First finding all the originals!

I trawled through my Instagram and Facebook profiles to see what I’ve liked in the past, before trying to locate external hard drives stashed away in chests of drawers to come up with an initial “Top 16”. Sixteen as one, this created a nice looking 4×4 grid and two, it didn’t become a chore, feeling obliged to include every single photo I felt justified inclusion. Finding the originals wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be. Deciding what to crop and edit was.

To tweak or not to tweak?

I don’t have any Lightroom pre-sets so I lightly edited them instead using tools such as Snapseed. Some of the mobile photography tips picked up from the UK’s top social media influencers certainly helped in this respect. However I wanted to try to keep the sizes as big as possible as Picfair reduces the print options available, the smaller the photos’ dimensions for quality reasons.

My Top 16 prints for my Biggsytravels Picfair gallery

So in no particular order I decided upon:

A collage of my photos for sell at my Biggsytravels Picfair gallery
A collage of my photos for sell on Picfair.com
  1. Highland Cattle in The Elan Valley, Wales
  2. A wall of conifers on the road to Claerwen Dam, Wales
  3. The Bellagio Fountain show erupting at night time, Las Vegas
  4. Man with cigar in a Las Vegas bar
  5. The Huxingting Teahouse in Shanghai
  6. Sydney Harbour Bridge at nightfall
  7. A jockey at the Happy Valley Racecourse, Hong Kong
  8. The Lloyds Building in London’s Lime Street
  9. Hitchin Lavender Fields, Hertfordshire
  10. The Shakespeare Tower in The Barbican Estate, London
  11. The Freedom Tower silhouette sightseers, New York
  12. Passing by a London fountain sunset
  13. 22 RAF Typhoons over London
  14. Summer Solstice In Hitchin, Hertfordshire
  15. Bluebell wood at sunrise, Hertfordshire
  16. C-130J Hercules at the RAF100 flypast, London

I’m going to see how these 16 get on, potentially adding more if any of them prove popular. Picfair provides a view count so at the very least I can see what works, what doesn’t and how best to use the description and tagging elements for each photo.

For now though head to ‘Biggsy Travels on Picfair to check them out for yourself.

What other websites do well for selling photos?

Have you had success selling your photos on any other websites? Do you prefer to try your luck on Shutterstock and Getty etc. Or are aiming more at the arts ‘n’ crafts market by printing them out yourself and selling them on Etsy? It would be good to find out what works for you?

I sold a few framed prints in my local town of Hitchin but that wasn’t really scalable … or income generating. Although hearing that my first framed print had actually sold was a wonderful feeling. I still wonder whose front room it’s hanging up in now 🙂

Reading Time: 2 minutes

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