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Some people were semi-naked while others covered up all their bits

World Naked Bike Ride. Take part in London

Last Updated on 24th July 2020 What experiences are still on your “things to do” list?…
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Driving a 4 litre Jeep around Maui

Going on trips before social media

Last Updated on 24th July 2020 If you’re a travel blogger in your late 30s and beyond you…
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Svalbard hiking piccie 1

A travel guide to Svalbard – the Norwegian archipelago

Last Updated on 7th September 2020 I hear you ask what’s good about Svalbard and where the hell is…
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The original recipe Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte - Black Forest gateau

Eating original Black Forest gateau in Triberg

Last Updated on 24th July 2020 I always found Black Forest gateau (or Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte to…
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Walking across the Azure Window in 2010

Where are some places you can’t visit anymore?

Last Updated on 14th February 2023 The Azure Window arch in Gozo, Malta fell into the sea during a…
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Appearing outside the Crowne Plaza hotel. This image no longer appears on Street View though

Discovering yourself on Google Street View

Last Updated on 24th July 2020 We’ve all seen those funny staged, and not so staged Google…
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