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In Baton Rouge for the Louisiana Marathon completing his 869th marathon

What questions would you ask a 900+marathon runner?

Last Updated on 24th July 2020 I know a marathon runner who’s now run over 900 of them (as of …
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Trying the French Open instead of Wimbledon

Last Updated on 24th July 2020 Here in the UK we love watching a bit of tennis in the Summer! Well …
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The views from Alpe d'Huez were amazing

Cycling up Alpe d’Huez – what’s it like?

Last Updated on 27th July 2020 Whenever you think of the Tour de France do you think of those …
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The view of the Dream Hotel on 55th Street

Was the ‘Dream Midtown’ NYC a dreamy experience?

Last Updated on 24th July 2020 Even though this was my 5th visit to New York City, a stay in town is …
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Meeting Minnie Mouse in Eurodisney

Take 12 Trips – a social media challenge

Last Updated on 24th July 2020 Back in January I stumbled across a blog post on TheTravelHack …
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Spiderman flying down 6th Ave

Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade

Last Updated on 24th July 2020 When you think of crowd-lined parades full of huge balloon cartoon …
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