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The headlines being read out on the BBC News at Six

Being interviewed on the BBC News at Six

Last Updated on 24th July 2020 It’s not every day you get to appear on the BBC News at Six…
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Benington Lordship Gardens. Down in the moat

Magical snowdrops at Benington Lordship Gardens

Last Updated on 24th July 2020 It’s that time of year again (February) when friends mention…
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The start of the coastal path at Sennen Cove

Walk from Sennen Cove to Land’s End

Last Updated on 26th September 2022 Land’s End in Cornwall is the most most south westerly…
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Enjoying the sunset from the roof terrace of the Godolphin Arms

11 fun and exciting things to see in Cornwall

Last Updated on 24th July 2020 I’d been to Cornwall a handful of times growing up but it took…
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The front bumper of a 28 tram

Riding tourist tram 28 around Lisbon

Last Updated on 20th June 2021 When you think of Lisbon you might picture its many hills, the…
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Posing in another one of the Fiat 500s at the Chianti winery

50 things to do before you’re 50

Last Updated on 24th July 2020 If I had a Pound for every article I’d read titled ’30…
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