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This assortment of my Americas travel blog posts cover everything from North, Central and South America. But ultimately it mostly covers my many adventures in New York City.

I live in Hertfordshire in the UK but have the greaty pleasure of being a running ambassador for New York based charity Every Mother Counts. That means I’ve had the opportunity to visit Manhattan 6-7 times now in recent years. So in this section you can read up on what it was like to run the New York City marathon with supermodel Christy Turlingon. And if you intend to run it too here are my 26.2 NYC marathon tops tips. Finally if you want something non-NYC related how about visiting the hottest recorded place on Earth? Hint: It’s not in Libya anymore.

US election night in Times Square

The US election night results. I didn’t stay up for the “Brexit” vote in my own country but couldn’t resist attempting to try to stay up in NYC having landed just a few hours earlier! So after dumping my suitcase in the hotel room I headed straight out to Times Square to see what was…

By Biggsy 9th November 2016 1

Watch Good Morning America live

How would you like to be seen by 5 million people, live on American TV? Well simply head down to New York’s Times Square, stand in the background and watch Good Morning America live at ABC’s Times Square studio … and wave! So where is Good Morning America filmed? I found this out while working…

By Biggsy 24th January 2016 0

Where’s the hottest place on Earth?

And that’s the “correctly” recorded hottest place on Earth according to the ‘WMO World Archive of Weather and Climate Extremes’. So let’s get the confusion out of the way to start with! The hottest official recorded temperature is now credited to ‘Death Valley’ in the USA and not ‘Tripoli in Libya’. More specifically ‘Greenland Ranch,…

By Biggsy 3rd November 2015 0