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Here you can find all of my destination blog posts in one place. Everything from the UK, across to Europe, and as far afield as Asia and the Americas.

I live in Hertfordshire, just north of London, so most of my articles will be about Hitchin and London. Although Biggsy Travel’s top overseas destination is New York so you can read up on my many posts about ‘The Big Apple’ too.

Maybe you want to visit the illuminating London Luminere festival that takes place in London in the darker months of the year? How about doing something a little bit more unique and taking a trip around Paris in a classic 2CV? Or even checking out the largest open air gallery in the world in Berlin. Most noteworthy for using an original stretch of the Berlin Wall. Check it all out here! :)

Riding tourist tram 28 around Lisbon

When you think of Lisbon you might picture its many hills, the associated views across the orange-topped roofs towards the coastline, or you might just imagine the rattly yellow trams, symolic of Lisbon as they screech up and down the city. Older trams such as the famous “tram 28” which go places the more modern…

By Biggsy 8th January 2019 0

Watching a play at the Minack theatre

The Minack Theatre in Cornwall is a pretty special place; nestled as it is into the cliffs overlooking the spectacular Cornish coastline. The “Minack” outdoor amphitheatre regularly features in the top 10 top theatres in the world which is a huge acolade. It also happens to be #1 of 49 things to do in Penzance…

By Biggsy 27th November 2018 2

Where are all the Hitchin filming locations?

Hitchin is a delightful little market town in the north of Hertfordshire. In the last few years it’s been used for a handful of TV drama and advert backdrops ranging from banks and grocery stores, through to futuristic dramas with humanlike robots. So where are all these Hitchin filming locations then? Here are five TV…

By Biggsy 13th November 2018 1