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Where is the centre of London?

Have you ever wondered where the centre of London is? Ever wanted to pinpoint the exact spot so you can stand there, take a “selfie” and say you’re the most central person in London? Well if you have wanted to do this you may have stumbled across 9 potential candidate according to Google, with some being more well-known than others.

So where is the centre of London then?

1. According to general consensus (Charles I statue – Trafalgar Square)

The most commonly mentioned “centre” point is the Charles 1 statue,  located just south of Trafalgar Square on a little mini roundabout. It’s known for being the location where all distances to London are measured from. Sometimes this central measurement point is mistakenly thought to be the Eleanor Statue at “Charing Cross” station but that’s actually number 2 below. Here at Trafalgar Square there’s a plaque on the floor denoting where you’re standing:

“On the site now occupied by the statue of King Charles I was erected the original Queen Eleanor’s cross, a replica of which stands in front of Charing Cross station. Mileages from London are measured from the site of the original cross”.

The custom of considering the location of the old Charing Cross to be the arbitrary centre of London seems to have arisen in the late 18th or early 19th century. Continue reading

Lumiere London – visit this illuminating festival

Lumiere London is back! The UK’s largest light festival transforms London’s streets and architecture into dazzling, thought-provoking nocturnal art exhibitions. We last saw it back in 2016 when a whopping 1.3 million people attended. This year’s spectacle is from 18th – 21st January between 17:30 – 22:30 with over 50 illuminated installations to discover. Lift your spirits in these dark days of winter and see how many of them you can discover on an evening’s amble.

Lumiere London Westminster Abbey -The Light of The Spirit

Lumiere London Westminster Abbey -The Light of The Spirit

Lumiere London takes place in the key locations of King’s Cross, Fitzrovia, Mayfair, London’s West End and Westminister, with Covent Garden, Fitzrovia, Victoria, South Bank and Waterloo added as new destinations this year … and what more it’s all free! So whether you’re in London anyway, or on the commute home you should be able to spot a few of them! Find yourself looking “up” and around, rather than “down” into your iPhones as you navigate the city’s streets above ground. Continue reading

Driving a classic MGB around Silverstone

What’s it like to drive a classic MGB around the legendary racetrack at Silverstone?

Having grown up hearing about my dad’s various MGB GTs back in the 60s and then having had the pleasure to hire a lovely red 1969 model for his 60th birthday, I thought I’d ticked all the MGB boxes, apart from possibly owning an MGB in the future that is. But then along came the opportunity to be driven around Silverstone in one as part of MG car club’s MGLive! meeting. Helped by the fact that my girlfriend is an MG Car Club Member.

Heading under one of the many Silverstone bridges

Heading under one of the many Silverstone bridges

This was back in the Summer of 2016 and was made even more special as Rory from Top Gear was filming there on the same day, and on the track at the same time, albeit sufficiently far in front of us that we didn’t appear in any of the subsequent ‘Extra Gear’ footage! Here you can see them prepping the £95k MG Abingdon with its swift 0-60 in 3.8 seconds offering!

Continue reading

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