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This collection of UK travel blog posts covers everything from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. But mostly England … and mostly London. Everything else in Europe can be found in my ‘Europe’ category instead.

I live in a beautiful little market town called Hitchin, in Hertfordshire so you can read up on the Hitchin Lavender (and sunflower) fields that come into bloom late June to early August. Also discover the various filming locations for fab TV show Doctor Foster. Further north see the different ways of photographing the Angel of the North.

That leaves 9+ blog posts on various activities and locations in London. Check them all out if you can :)

Being Prime Minister for the day

You’ve seen him/her dozens of times in the House of Commons, leaning on his despatch box. But did you know uou can get pretty close to standing there and having a go at being Prime Minister too! This all arose when we were invited to the Houses of Parliament by Exeter University’s chancellor Floella Benjamin.…

By Biggsy 19th November 2015 2

Photographing the Angel of the North

The Angel of the North is an iconic 20m high, 54m wide landmark situated in Gateshead that’s seen annually by over 33 million people; most of these speeding past on the nearby A1(M) motorway. It was commissioned to be a landmark public piece of art for Gateshead and the North East of England and was…

By Biggsy 6th September 2014 4