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Sometimes there are events you go to, or travel experiences you have that don’t fit into a particular location category. Biggsy Travels is a ‘unique experiences’ blog so some of these things have never been blogged about before! Like when I won a private jet to Stockholm for me and 49 friends! Or when I appeared up on stage with legendary magician Paul Daniels.

Other things are pretty unique but have been done by lots of other people too. “Legitimately” cycling around London naked would be one example. Flying on a Concorde another – albeit way back in the 1980s. These are some of the travel experiences you’ll find here.

Attending your first MotoGP

You’ve been invited to an event at Silverstone for the first time, in this case your first MotoGP, and you’re working out what it will be like and what to take? What are all the different classes? The MotoGP World Championship is the premier class of motorcycle road racing and is currently divided into three classes:…

By Biggsy 3rd September 2015 0