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Discovering yourself on Google Street View

We’ve all seen those funny staged, and not so staged Google Street View shots but you never expect to find yourself in one! Well back in 2009 I made an appearance.

Appearing outside the Crowne Plaza hotel. This image no longer appears on Street View though

Jogging outside Sydney’s Crowne Plaza hotel back in 2009

My moment took place when I was running back to our Crowne Plaza hotel in Darling Harbour, Sydney after forgetting something or other, when I remember spotting a little white car out of the corner of my eye with a camera attached to its roof. At the time I didn’t think much of it as it wasn’t emblazoned with any obvious Google or CCTV logos. Either way I got what I needed from the hotel room and carried on with my day.

On returning back to England a few months later I did check a few times, more out of curiosity, wondering if it was actually a Google Street View car that I’d seen, but initially to no avail – the Street View of the area outside the hotel was still showing images from a previous year. Continue reading

14 questions to ask a 871 marathon runner

I know somebody who’s run 871 marathons (as of 16th February 2017) and that person’s my dad Roger. He’s been doing this week in, week out since the mid 80s, so I’ve grown up thinking that running a marathon most weekends is a perfectly normal thing for a dad to do; no different to other fathers playing a round of golf every Sunday morning. However I’m assuming a lot of people might suggest running 1 marathon, let alone 871 is actually a completely ABNORMAL thing to be doing! 🙂

Marathon runner Roger Biggs

Marathon runner Roger Biggs celebrating his 800th marathin in Pisa

My friend Virginia wrote a post about inspiring individuals back in 2015, asking him some questions on his achievements so I wanted to ask him 14 different questions this time round: Continue reading

Want to make some sloe gin?

I’d never heard of sloes until a friend mentioned them while we were out running through the Hertfordshire countryside. Up until that point I’d been more preoccupied with the blackberries you can eat straight from the hedgerows instead.
So what are sloes? Well they’re the berries of the hawthorn shrub, traditionally used in Britain to make “cattle-proof” hedges … so “wild” fruit with a helping human hand. On their own sloes taste particularly bitter, but when added to gin and mixed with sugar …. 🙂
Sloe berries close up

Sloes berries close up

Continue reading

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