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A collection of blog posts that fall into the ‘travel thoughts’ bucket. General musings on how you can save money to travel. What it was like travelling before social media, and even before the Internet existed. Some things you can try out when you get arrive at your destination. Finally rather controversially how about not travelling anywhere in the first place?

So in no particular order in this ‘travel thoughts’ section have a read about how much CO2 your flight actually produces. If that doesn’t put you off ponder the science of how experiences are better for us than material possessions. And if you’d rather win a holiday than pay for one then check out my tips for winning competitions.


Going on trips before social media

If you’re a travel blogger in your late 30s and beyond you possibly rue all those amazing trips you had in the 90s/early “noughties” that you couldn’t blog/Instagram/Tweet about as social media didn’t exist back then! Trips before social media seemed to much more simple. You’d simply take along your camera with a few rolls…

By Biggsy 16th April 2017 2