Convert electricity meter reading units into KWH

If you’re looking to change utilities supplier, a price comparison website will ask you to supply your monthly/annual meter readings in KWH (Kilowatt Hours). This enables them to give you their most accurate recommendations.

In the UK, units of energy, whether gas or electricity, are priced in kilowatts hours (kWh).

To find out your usage make a note of how many units you’ve used according to your existing monthly bills. But how do you convert electricity units into KWH?

Electric meter reading to kwh converter

Number of units used?

Your electric usage in kWh:

However if you need help to read your electricity (or gas) meters in the first place please follow these useful links:

Martin Lewis: A great “go to” location to better understand the current energy issues

Check out the great resource at to better understand all the ins and outs of the current UK energy supplier issues!

But what about a gas units converter?

Check out the calculator at The Energy Shop to convert your gas units into KWH as you WILL need a clever little calculator for this. This is because gas is measured in volume and DOES need to be converted into the equivalent KWH number.

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Old style incandescent lightbulb
That lightbulb moment when you realise electricity units are measured in KWH. Source

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