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Here you can find my location guides articles all in one place. Everything from the UK, across to Europe, and as far afield as Asia and the Americas. But not Antarctica or South America … yet.

I live in Hertfordshire, just north of London, so most of my articles will be about Hitchin and London. My top overseas destination is New York so you can read up on many posts about ‘The Big Apple’ too.

Maybe you want to visit the wonderful Hitchin Lavender fields mid-July. And if you’re lucky sunflowers in early August too. Tourists now travel from far and wide to capture those special shots!

Or what about walking across 3 countries in just 10 minutes at the Dreiländereck tripoint in Basel. If you’ve never been to France, Germany or Switzerland before this route gives you the opportunity to spend some time in all three.

Perhaps you’ve always wondered where the centre of London is? Depending on who you talk to you’ll be given a lot of different answers. For something a little bit different find out how you can stand in the exact same spot as Mick Dundee in Crocodile Dundee. You know when he uttered those immortal words “That’s not a knife!…”. 

You can find these and many more location guides split by ‘City Breaks’, ‘Out of Town’ and ‘TV and Film’. Please let me know how you get on if you happen to visit any of them.