Category: City Breaks

Here you can find my favourite city breaks and recommendations. The big cities are where it all happens. They can be the perfect place for that European getaway. My favourite place in any city is Central Park in New York. A wonderful “big” oasis right in the middle of Manhattan.

Cities generally lie in one country, but if you happen to be in Basel you can reach its outskirts and walk across 3 countries within 10 minutes!

Berlin in Germany hosts the world’s largest outdoor art gallery. The 1km long stretch of the original Berlin Wall is known as the East Side Gallery ans is a sight to be seen.

Big cities are generally where you find the world’s most famous hotels. None are more synonymous with opulence and a fine stay than The Savoy Hotel in London. We were lucky to overnight there for my birthday one year. London is a city break to end all city breaks.