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Many holidays are out of town rather than in the big cities and that’s where you’re most likely to come into contact with the wonderful countryside. On our doorstep in Hertfordshire we have the fabulous Hitchin lavender fields. In the months of July and August tourists from as far away as China come to visit.

England is famous for Lands End. If you’d rather “earn” your visit rather than rocking up in their car park how about walking from Sennen Cove to Lands End instead?

This category has led to some friends writing guest posts too. From Grace hiking trekking across Hadrian’s Wall to OnTheRoadToYou exploring the relatively unexplored Svalbard … so out of town there isn’t really much of a town anyway!

Where’s the hottest place on Earth?

And that’s the “correctly” recorded hottest place on Earth according to the ‘WMO World Archive of Weather and Climate Extremes’. So let’s get the confusion out of the way to start with! Where’s the hottest plane on Earth? The hottest official recorded temperature is now credited to ‘Death Valley’ in the USA and not ‘Tripoli…

By Biggsy 3rd November 2015 0