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Watch Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQ)

You’ve seen the Prime Minister on the news standing behind his despatch box. You might even have already been on a ‘House of Commons’ tour already. But did you know you can actually be present when all the the MPs are in session and witness the main event of the week? ‘Prime Minister’s Questions’ (or…

By Biggsy 10th July 2016 0

Visit the top of Big Ben in London!

You’ve seen “Big Ben” hundreds of times but did you know you can visit the top of the tower and see the real “Big Ben” for yourself? Big Ben being the largest of the 5 bells of course and not the actual tower itself  (The Elizabeth Tower). A chance to see the famous bells being…

By Biggsy 27th June 2016 1

Being Prime Minister for the day

You’ve seen him/her dozens of times in the House of Commons, leaning on his despatch box. But did you know uou can get pretty close to standing there and having a go at being Prime Minister too! This all arose when we were invited to the Houses of Parliament by Exeter University’s chancellor Floella Benjamin.…

By Biggsy 19th November 2015 2