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Taking part in the RideLondon Freecycle

The RideLondon Freecycle takes place on the Saturday, the day before the main ‘RideLondon 100’ event, in central London, but what’s it like? Should you take part? Who tends to go along to it? If you’ve been unfortunate enough not to get accepted for the ‘RideLondon 100’, and simply want a family fun day out…

By Biggsy 9th August 2019 0

Where is the centre of London?

Have you ever wondered where the centre of London is? Ever wanted to pinpoint the exact spot so you can stand there, take a “selfie” and say you’re the most central person in London? Well if you have wanted to do this you may have stumbled across 9 potential candidate according to Google, with some…

By Biggsy 1st April 2018 0