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Was the ‘Dream Hotel’ a dreamy NYC experience?

Even though this was my 5th visit to New York City, a stay in town is always a complete pleasure and I realise for many people it is still simply a “dream” to be able to visit. Feeling like I had the whole of NYC to choose from I chose the Dream Hotel just off Broadway on W 55th Street due to its proximity to Central Park (just 4 streets away), Times Square (8 streets away) and its Midtown location (which I generally know better than any other part of Manhattan). So was it a dream experience?

The view of the Dream Hotel on 55th Street

The view of the Dream Hotel on 55th Street

The hotel doesn’t have a sweeping, set-back entrance so its frontage is up against the sidewalk but once through the front doors you are welcomed into a dark, marble-floored reception area along with a stylish floor to ceiling aquarium. Continue reading

Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in New York

When you think of crowd-lined parades full of huge balloon cartoon characters floating down the street, one event that springs to mind is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York. It starts level with Central Park up at 75th Street, continues down 6th Avenue, before finishing outside the Macy’s departure store on 34th Street.

The start of the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in 2014

The start of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in 2014

There are numerous hints and tips to get the best spectator spots, none of which I adhered to, so I ended up  standing with everybody else at the top of 6th Avenue level with 56th Street. Many rows of people in front of me looked like they’d camped out for hours in advance, commandeering barrier space and spreading out their folding chairs, close enough that nobody could sneak through any gaps but sufficiently far apart so that they took up as much space for their family as possible. Continue reading

On a protest march up to Trump Tower

Last week I was in New York, had the Saturday free, and it was a lovely sunny day and so I decided to join the ‘Not my President’ march from Union Square up to Trump Tower. What was it like? And how was it different to the UK’s Brexit match in Hyde Park over the Summer?

I'm so angry I made a sign -

I’m so angry I made a sign –

So the result of the US presidential election was announced in the early hours of Wednesday morning and that very evening there was a march up to Trump Tower. An obvious end point. On Friday there was one too, probably one in-between on the Thursday too, but I went to the one march on the Saturday at noon, the day before I left to fly back to the UK. Continue reading

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