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Where are all the Hitchin filming locations?

Hitchin is a delightful little market town in the north of Hertfordshire. In the last few years it’s been used for a handful of TV drama and advert backdrops ranging from banks and grocery stores, through to futuristic dramas with humanlike robots. So where are all these Hitchin filming locations then? Here are five TV…

By Biggsy 13th November 2018 1

Lavender fields and sunflowers in Hitchin

You don’t have to go to Provence in France to see beautiful sunflowers and lavender fields. There are many dotted around the UK. This one just happens to be 35 miles north of London outside the small market town of Hitchin. ‘The Travel Bunny’ has a full list of English Lavender fields on her blog…

By Biggsy 2nd August 2017 7