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Riding tourist tram 28 around Lisbon

When you think of Lisbon you might picture its many hills, the associated views across the orange-topped roofs towards the coastline, or you might just imagine the rattly yellow trams, symbolic of Lisbon as they screech up and down the city. Older trams such as the famous “tram 28” go places the more modern trams…

By Biggsy 8th January 2019 2

Joining a Bucharest walking tour in Romania

Romania is a place I’ve wanted to go for a while now. I was inspired by the mental images of its old Eastern European traditions, the imposing Government palaces, locals driving Dacia branded cars, meals consisting mostly of cabbage and/or polenta and perhaps bumping into the legendary 1990’s footballer Gheorghe Hagi. Probably not wearing his…

By Biggsy 9th March 2018 0