Category: Travel Experiences

Life is full of experiences and none are more satisfying than ‘travel experiences’. This is the main reason I set up Biggsy Travels in the first place. The time I won a private jet to Stockholm with 49 friends. That just had to be written about! Winning such a prize certainly doesn’t happen very often. Or when I appeared up on stage with legendary magician Paul Daniels.

Other things are pretty unique but have been done by lots of other people too. Cycling the Camel Trail to Padstow. A gentle bike rode along the Camel Estuary, after which you can reward yourself with a tasty portion of fish ‘n’ chips.

Other experiences were fantastic at the time, and for now, can’t ever be repeated. One such example is flying on Concorde from London out to the Bay of Biscay and back. I was very fortunate to do this back in the late 1980s. These are some of the travel experiences you’ll find in this section.