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This section of my website contains an assortment of my ‘activities’ travel experiences … and mostly running exploits at that.

I live in Hertfordshire in the UK but have the great pleasure of being a running ambassador for New York based charity Every Mother Counts. That means I’ve had the opportunity to visit Manhattan 6-7 times now. In this section you can read up on what it was like to run the New York City marathon with supermodel Christy Turlingon.

And if you intend to run it too here are my 26.2 NYC marathon tops tips. This also led to me running my 6th and final(?) marathon – the Paris Marathon, with another list of top tips to “enjoying” it.

My first ever blog post detailed our antics as we attempted to complete The 3 Peaks Challenge, within 24 hours; quite easily one of my toughest activities I’ve ever accomplished, even tougher than the two marathons above.

Why I run for Every Mother Counts?

Why am I a UK running ambassador for Every Mother Counts? (EMC), a USA based organisation dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe worldwide. I’m male, not married (but in a 4 year relationship), have no children yet, and fortunately haven’t had any family or close female friends experience life threatening complications during childbirth. Well…

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