Category: Cycling

Cycling while on holiday is slowly becoming my preferred way of appreciating a new location. There’s nothing quite like feeling the wind in your hair. Especially when you’re on segregated city routes or out of town along deserted hard-pack bridleways.

Two, no three cycling experiences I never thought I’d have started with taking part in London’s ‘World Naked Bike Ride‘. “Legally” biking around London with no clothes on .. along with thousands of others is definitely one of those bucket list events. This isn’t for everyone of course!

Following closely behind in second place is cycling up Alpe d’Huez. This is perhaps the most well-known mountain in the annual ‘Tour de France’ with its 21 hairpin bends. Don’t presume it’s only for the professionals though as anyone with a reasonable amount of biking fitness can cycle up it in 90 minutes or so.

Finally, closely related to the Tour de France is going on a bike ride with Australian TDF winner Cadel Evans … like you do. Another one of those chance, one-off cycling experiences as we sauntered along in a group around East London.