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This transport section covers off ‘planes, trains and automobiles’ … oh plus a few boats. A lot of the time you travel simply to get to the destination. Your preferred means of travel is whatever happens to be the cheapest/most practical way at the time.

However, if you’re beginning to adopt the ‘slow travel’ approach then the travelling part at either end can be just as important as the holiday bit in the middle. Although most of the time, time is at a premium of course and flying is often the only option.

But when you arrive what fun types of transport do you like to try out? Many cities have iconic, old transport systems, none more so than tram 28 in Lisbon. This has to be high up on your list, but it’s just as much fun watching them trundle along as it is being onboard.

A few years ago we attended the Traverse conference in Rotterdam and let “the train take the strain”. This didn’t go completely to plan when we missed the last Eurostar home. Doh! Through no fault of our own may I add. But what happens when the transport connections fail? Find out how we got on.

Flying in Concorde – what was it like?

Sadly Concorde stopped flying in 2003. This was due to the Paris airport crash of 2000, the general downturn in the commercial aviation industry as well as increasing maintenance costs. The world suddenly became a bigger place again on 25th October, the day after it stopped flying. Much has been written about Concorde’s history, celebrity…

By Biggsy 3rd April 2016 1