Category: On the Road

There are lots of guides to destinations out there but sometimes you just need to be inspired in the first place. You might want to know how to pack?Or what about some fun ideas to do when you’re ‘on the road’?

One idea I had when backpacking around SE Asia/Australia in 2010 was to take a photo next to a placename in every location I visited. This was often easier said than done. But like buying fridge magnets, once you’ve started you then can’t stop.

A nice idea I borrowed from ‘The Travel Hack‘ was ‘taking 12 trips‘ in a calendar year. This could include simple weekends away. Often for me the local trips and/or weekends away are the most enjoyable.

Finally a recent post of mine showcases my top 6 travel essentials. Check them out and see how many of them you already have for when you are ‘out on the road’?