Category: Food and Drink

Who doesn’t like to incorporate some sort of food and drink into their trip? Rarely are you going somewhere just to experience a local delicacy but it certainly contributes to the flavour of a destination.

When we were in the SW of England we answered the age old debate of jam or cream first? … when we tried both on our scones; some in Devon and some in Cornwall. You’ll have to click through to see what method we preferred.

Many food and drink temptations can be experienced anywhere, even at home. That’s just what we did in Hertfordshire when we picked, made, and sampled our own sloe gin. An acquired taste! Ours ended up tasting like sweet, but alcoholic blackcurrent Ribena.

Some places are known for being the specific birthplace of a recipe. We experienced that in Germany when we found the original location for Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte.